Life as a modern working mother is often demanding, tiring, and unforgiving. There’s so much to be done—ever-present deadlines at work, taking care of your kids, household chores, and a medley of other small things that all add up, contributing to your stress levels. In addition, mothers may find themselves becoming forgetful, especially right after childbirth. However, you don’t have to just grin and bear it, as there are several lifestyle changes you can make to ease your burden.

Let go of parenting guilt

Working mothers often experience a sense of guilt as they feel bad about not spending every waking moment with their children. However, know that your work is benefitting your family—your children will be able to pursue more opportunities, and you can help put away savings for their future. There are also support groups for working mothers where you can share tips on achieving work-life balance.

Find a good childcare place

It can be pretty liberating to find a good childcare centre or a top-notch nanny. That way, you know that your children are in good hands, and you get regular updates on how they are doing. Also, putting your children in childcare also allows them to pick up social skills, which is essential for development.

Prepare things the night before

One great tip to make mornings easier? Get organised the night before! Pick out outfits for your kids (and yourself!) the night before, and pack everything you need for the next day. That way, you can cut short the time needed to get ready each morning, and you’ll feel less frazzled by the time you send your kids to school and get to work.

Set aside family time

It’s important to set aside some family time to connect with your children and spouse. It doesn’t have to take up a huge chunk of your day—why not try spending 15 minutes each Sunday to have a family “meeting” to find out your family’s thoughts and concerns? Encourage your children to be proactive in speaking up; this will help prep them for leadership positions when they’re older. Also, at these meetings, you can also delegate household chores for the week, so you don’t have to bear the brunt of the load. This will also teach your children the importance of teamwork and responsibility.

Speak to your employer

If you feel like things are getting too much at work, it can be helpful to speak to your employer, an understanding manager, or even HR. Find out if your workplace has flexible arrangements in place—this may allow you to tailor your workflow and spend more time with your family. It’s important to be as honest and open as possible, and be prepared to present alternative solutions to show that the arrangement will not affect the quality of your work.

Connect with your spouse

Amidst all that childcare and work-commitments, it can be easy to neglect your spouse. Remember to nurture your relationship, as your spouse will most often be the rock by your side. Why not set up monthly date nights to rejuvenate the relationship? It doesn’t always have to mean fancy nights out with expensive dinners—a cute candlelit dinner at home (with the kids away at a babysitters’!) followed by a movie of your choice can do just the trick.

Make dietary changes

They say you are what you eat. Indeed, an unhealthy diet will make you feel sluggish and tired all the time. Conversely, a nutritious and clean diet can provide you with more energy and prep you for the challenges ahead. We’re particularly fond of MCT oil from dr. MCT®. It’s a super fuel that boosts metabolism, promotes cognitive improvements, and even provides instant energy for days where you feel overwhelmed. Since it’s odourless and unflavoured, it can be easily added to any food or drink—how convenient! Besides that, you should consume plenty of dark leafy vegetables, as a lack of iron is often linked to lethargy.

* First published on Marie France Asia